Strategy & Outcome

Housing Stability Boosts Child, Youth, and Family Well-Being

Secure and affordable housing minimizes family engagement in child welfare systems, enhancing children’s welfare and reducing expenses for public services. It is crucial for state authorities to incorporate housing into their welfare plans.

Join One Roof to advance the role of housing and services as a critical strategy to reimagining child welfare and investing in strengthening families and communities.

Key Strategies

To achieve One Roof’s goals, CSH and partners are using an approach that relies on communication and engagement, programmatic implementation, and promoting systems and policies that align efforts to secure resources.

The One Roof Advisory Board has prioritized these strategies that include:


One Roof measures success based on the number of national and local efforts that support its mission along with the creation of housing resources for families and youth at the intersection of homelessness and child welfare involvement. The efforts of One Roof partners through development of new housing and services resources, collaborations, and systems and policy changes contribute to positive long-term outcomes and measurable impacts on children, youth, and families. The impact of stability and having a safe home ultimately changes their life trajectory, closes equity gaps and breaks intergenerational cycles of poverty, homelessness, and child welfare involvement. 

Common indicators for measuring progress on national and community levels: