Tell us about your local efforts related to our One Roof goals so that we may highlight your work in your community.

    1. Have you developed quality Supportive Housing to serve child welfare involved families?


    When answering question #1, please keep in mind One Roof considers the following as essential ingredients in quality Supportive Housing for child welfare involved families:

    • Housing - Non time limited affordable/subsidized housing unit (project based) or housing voucher (tenant based).
    • Targeting – Intentional targeting to child welfare involved families who would most benefit from supportive housing intervention.
    • Child welfare involved family – A family receiving in home or out of home child welfare services through a formal case or through differential/alternative response.
    • Services – Case management and access to supportive services for all family members in areas including child welfare, behavioral health, education, workforce, domestic violence, and medical care.

    2. Please briefly describe the Supportive Housing and include where it is located (name of project/city/state)

    3. Are you now part of, or in the process of creating, a Child Welfare and Supportive Housing Partnership?


    When answering question #3, please keep in mind One Roof defines a “Child Welfare–Supportive Housing Partnership” as a formal agreement between the public child welfare agency and supportive housing agency that articulates roles and responsibilities.

    4. Please briefly explain your successes in connecting Child Welfare and Supportive Housing systems to better serve families and youth:

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