Notes From the Field

Policy Brief: How Child Welfare Leaders Can Support Families And Prevent Family Evictions (October 2021) 

Ten Things To Do Now To Prevent Family Evictions (October 2021)

Policy Brief: Leveraging the American Rescue Plan’s Housing Resources to Help Families (July 2021)

Harnessing Cross-Systems Data to Keep Families Together (May 2021)

Data Collection Strategies for Identifying Families Facing Child Welfare Involvement & Homelessness 

Beyond the Family Unification Program (FUP): Partnerships between Public Child Welfare Agencies and Public Housing Agencies to stably house vulnerable child welfare-involved families

Ensuring Family Voice While Navigating Multiple Systems: The Family Team Meeting Strategy in Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing as a Platform for Family Stabilization: Lessons from a National Family Supportive Housing Demonstration

Using Data to Change the Life Trajectory of Families & Children: Lessons Learned From a Federal Supportive Housing Demonstration

“Influence of Supportive Housing Demonstration on Child Welfare Policy & Practice”

“State & Local Models for Sustaining Funding for Supportive Housing for Child Welfare Involved Families Experiencing Homelessness”

“An Introduction to Supportive Housing for Vulnerable Families”

Interagency Collaboration: Moving the Needle on Supportive Housing and Child Welfare 

Promoting Family & Child Centeredness and Quality In Supportive Housing Program and Service Plans

Strategies for Improving Parental Functioning within a Supportive Housing Context

Considerations when Providing Supportive Housing to Child Welfare Involved Families with a History of Domestic Violence

Other Resources

CSSP & CSH Welcome Home: Design and Practice Guidance for Supportive Housing for Families with Children

CSSP & CSH A Practice Framework for Delivering Services to Families in Supportive Housing

CSSP & CSH Tenant Manual & Welcome Packet

CSH – Keeping Families Together Guidebook

CSH – One Roof Keeping Families Together 8-Step Road Map

CSH – Racial Disparities and Disproportionality Index & National Supportive Housing Needs Assessment

CSH & The Ounce – Crosswalk – Early Childhood Home Visiting and Supportive Housing for Families: Making the Connections

CSH and US Administration for Children & Families – Early Childhood Self-Assessment Tool for Family Supportive Housing – A Guide to Support the Safe, Healthy Development of Young Children

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services ACYF – Child and Family Transitions among Families Experiencing Homelessness

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services ACYF –Information Memorandum ACF 1-18-17 Family and Youth Homelessness, Child Welfare, Federal Resources

Child Welfare Information Gateway – Building Partnerships to Support Stable Housing for Child Welfare-Involved Families and Youth 

Child Welfare Information Gateway – Family Engagement: Partnering With Families to Improve Child Welfare Outcomes

Casey Family Programs – What do we know about the impact of homelessness and housing instability on child welfare-involved families?

Casey Family Programs – How can supportive housing help improve outcomes for families in the child welfare system?

CSH – Opportunities to Leverage Family First Prevention Services Act Resources

USICH – Case Studies: Demonstrating the Effectiveness of Supportive Housing for Families in the Child Welfare System

Learning Communities

Housing Solutions for Vulnerable Families Focused on Engaging Vulnerable Families in the Development of Services 

Housing Solutions for Vulnerable Families Focused on Cross-System Stakeholder Planning, Leadership Structures and Decision Making

Housing Solutions for Vulnerable Families Focused on Assembling Permanent Housing Resources

Housing Solutions for Vulnerable Families Focused on Designing and Implementing Effective Service Models for Families

National Forums

Executive Summary: Child Welfare and Supportive Housing Leadership Forum on Youth & Families  – Baltimore 2018

Evaluations & Reports

Report: Bringing Families Home San Francisco Supports Child Welfare-Involved Families – October 2021

Keeping Families Together Pilot Evaluation Report – Metis & Associates, December 2011

Urban Institute: Supportive Housing for High-Need Families in the Child Welfare System – November 2014

Urban Institute: Supportive Housing for Families in the Child Welfare System (additional resources) 

HEART Alliance for Sustainable Families Preliminary Evaluation Findings – December 2015

Housing and Child Welfare, University of Connecticut & Chapin Hall, University of Chicago – July 2016

Can ‘housing first’ prevent child abuse and neglect, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago

Five-year Housing Demonstration Sites Face Diverse Challenges while Providing Some Benefits to Families, Chapin Hall at University of Chicago – May 2019

Supportive Housing for Families in the Child Welfare System, Urban Institute – May 2019

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